UDP forwarding

The goal was to redirect log4r messages from multiple sources going into single sink hosted on the server into my workstation.
Apparently UDP forwarding is apparently a very confusing topic.
tools like netcat or ncat apparently fix client ip/port coordinates after receiving first data and ignore subsequent datagrams.
This sucks
Luckily this came to help. FTW.

log4r and chainsaw v2

After spending long hours on trying to get a log4j style logging with my RoR application I figured out that actually Chainsaw does not accept any changes in configuration after start-up configuration is loaded. Dear Java community, is that me, or is it some frigging lame coding?


note to myself

bleeding edge vs established ruby is a choice between
"days of hacking and nothing works because it is too new and buggy" and
"days of hacking and nothing works because it is too old and buggy"

to be more precise. ruby-debug simply doesn't work with 1.9.3p125