Web application development culture

I started developing SAW as a web application based on the backbone.js framework. It appeared to be minimal and small enough to be bullet proof. It wasn't. During 1.5 years of development it improved dramatically and it grew to have interesting extensions such as marionette.js or geppetto. I topped it up with backbone.subroute magic so that it appeared to be good to go.
It isn't. I ended up in relaying solely on my own forks of the aforementioned projects. I understand that github is an inherently social development place, but being required to continuously hack libraries on which my project is based is really frustrating.

Just to name few:
  • Marionette module implementation uses very awkward initialization - it starts with the child modules and finishes with parent module. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is both counter-intutitive and useless. Reference is here.
  • Subroute implementation fires routing event every time sub-router is instantiated. No idea what for. In my application I have one sub-router per module - this caused every url being routed n-times. grrrr... 
I would be very eager to hear your comments about my fixes/frustrations with Backbone/Marionette/Github coding.