Ext and Netzke

This post should date Tuesday (1.3)

Digging bit deeper into internals of netzke code sample I was unpleasantly surprised that by default it actually not only ignores RESTful design principles completely but also skips Rails controllers and accesses model directly.
Security ? Verification ? blah. too bad.
I tried to get and idea on what Redis, as Heroku offers it now as a plugin for their infrastructure, sadly following this video I got only more confused. Gosh. If you have nothing to say, then just say nothing. please.
Anyway. I was happy to find that standalone (and thus offline) ExtJS documentation is still maintained. All-in-browser is nice, but bit bothersome if you're in the run.
To wrap up - you can check up straw-man project as I'll keep deploying it to Heroku.

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