Javascript business

Getting into the depths of juggernaut 2 I came to the conclusion that actually there is some business model emerging out of delivering undocumented open-source code. In particular having look on the (apparently purposefully obfuscated) core of juggernaut. That looks bad even if feeded through the beautifier
It looks like providing highly specialised consultancy on open-source solutions can be lucrative business. There are two aspects about which I'm concerned.
1. This model doesn't scale. Both coding and knowledge-transmission of such consultancy is strongly limited to author(s) of the solution.
2. I have an impression that this approach can work only in high risk, high ROI environments. Still isn't that how FB came to life ?
As far as old good reliable industry is still in demand (everybody wants to drive a reliable car),  such manufacturing is now a subject for aggressive optimisation (apparently we are fine with Dacia instead of Renault).
Apparently web-business is in love with risk ... (some call it dynamism).

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