Ruby on Rails - hack of the day

I'm developing fairly massive JavaScript application interacting with Ruby on Rails (RoR) back-end. As the amount of my JavaScript files grew to hundredths I noticed that serving then to the browser (after full-page refresh) using single-threaded RoR server takes forever.
There is an easy way to go around this issue. One can configure RoR development environment (config/environments/development.rb) to use asset server (config.action_controller.asset_host) and point it to the instance of some efficient static http server such as node-static, configured on the other port number (3030 or so). An example of the configuration can be found in RoR production environment setup (config/environments/production.rb).
In my case environment configuration line looks like:
  config.action_controller.asset_host = "http://localhost:3030"

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